Question about this private sale

  1. Does anyone know if I can use my coupon on a bag that is sold out in the stores? I'm looking to get the Khaki/beet large Carly and I checked this morning and now it says that only 1 store has it, and I won't get there until the weekend! If they are sold out in the stores, will I be able to use my coupon and have them order me one?? Does anyone know?
  2. Call the store. Sometimes they will save it for you. It can't hurt to ask. The worst they can say is, No.
  3. i belive in the back of the invitation it says that special orders are excluded. Now from my experiance the SA or MGR MAY be able to over-ride that exception. i think you should call the store and see what they can do... GOOD LUCK!:tup:
  4. I've never had a problem ordering something if my store doesn't have it, since not everything is available in every store. Just call your store first, since you're concerned, and verify that you can order the bag with your coupon, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Also, as the previous tPFer mentioned, ask your store to hold the bag if it's the only one available, they will probably accommodate you.

    Good Luck and Enjoy your purchase!:tup:
  5. special order is usually referring to back ordering.
  6. Thanks for that tidbit!

    I now remember trying to use a PCE for a backorder item, and I could not. It was for a specific color, so my SA suggested that I order an available color and she let me even exchange it for the color that I wanted when it became available.

    Thank you KIND SA!!!:tup:
  7. I just checked tonight and there was 2 medium khaki/beet carly's at jax......