Question about this Prada on

  1. I can't decide if this is gorgeous or not. Has anyone seen this up close? It looks like it might be hard to get into. I don't like bags that are a pain to open. I always tend to go for the ones that I can get to things quickly but this one really caught my eye. :yes:
  2. Pics????
  3. Link doesnt work!
  4. So sorry, try now. I am new to this forum and still trying to get the hang of it. :confused1:
  5. I prefer the Gauffre ruched bags actually..This one I found to be icky looking IRL,sorry...Check out the pics of my 2 gauffre bags in my bag showcase,They are truly TDF and the leather is smushy..LOVE THEM!
  6. Thank you. I wondered if that was the case. I thought it might be one of those that was way too much .
    Your gauffre bags are gorgeous. :yes: :yahoo:
  7. I prefer the gauffre bags to this one also.
  8. I saw this handbag at Prada- Neiman Marcus the other day- Its a bit bulky and not so fem looking at least for my taste. I think they could have had a better design..
  9. I love the braided handles. But the rest seems bulky, although I like the texture of it.
  10. Much prefer the gauffre.
  11. I saw this bag also and didn't like it. :Push: