Question about this bag...

  1. My best friend gave me a "Louie" today,but I have no idea if it's real,as apparently,the fakers are getting quite good at their crime.It's a pouchette-sized bag with leopard on the front and multicolor monogram in leather around the sides.It has a leather bow in the front.Can someone post a pic of this bag so I know what a real one looks like? It reminds me of (it may be from the same range) those LV dalmation bags that came out several years ago.Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Any pictures?
  3. Can you post some pics of it? Someone could probably tell you if it's real or not that way.
  4. yes I took pics this evening but I'm having trouble loading them :shame:
  5. When you said leopard, it reminded me of the Alaila but that's not multicolore. But other than that it can only be the pochette dalmatien. Was it black multicolore or white?
  6. are the pics.I wasn't ever going to keep it (too small for me) so I listed it on eBay.I'm putting the $ toward my Speedy 30 purchase.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Oh yea...the serial number says SR061-9
  8. :blink: I don't think you sould list that bag on's a fake....
  9. that is an obvious fake.
    here's why: the leather tag in the interior shouldn't be there
    the font on the tag is off
    that style was never made...
  10. I am sorry to tell you...but this is not a vaild date code either.... I suggest that you don't list this bag on ebay, because if someone report you, your account will be supend:Push:
  11. fake lv...
  12. thats a crazy looking bag
  13. Yes, your account might be suspended in ebay because of this purse.
  14. Please, take that off Ebay & burn it!