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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone else has ordered from them before.
    because their customer serice seems to be quite poor. how they have no phone # and just an emial address to contact them.

    i ordered a rebel yell shirt and gstar jacket from them. i decided that the gstar jacket didn't look right on me so i sent them back the jacket.. i emailed them a couple of times and havent heard ANYTHING from them and its been a couple of months.

    does anyone have nay advice of what I can do? :sad:
  2. That's awful. Did you pay by credit card? Do you have any paperwork on the return? If you returned it insured and have a receipt or some kind of paperwork, maybe you can get a refund from UPS or USPS. Otherwise, maybe your credit card, if you paid that way, will help you contact them or refund you. Good luck!
  3. They have a store in Santa Monica, CA, on Main St. Maybe you can call the store...
  4. oh really? would you hapen to know the number? tahnks for letting me know!
  5. Here's the number for the Huntington Beach store:

    (714) 536-9535