Question about the work...

  1. Do you find that the work is a little hard to wear over your shoulder? I feel like the city fits over my shoulder (without the longer shoulder strap, of course) better than the work. Does anyone feel the same way?

    Also did anyone who ones a work get the extra tassles that comes with the bag? I just bought a work from Barney's and it didn't come with extra tassles.

    Thanks for any info!!;)
  2. I sold the only work that I had because of that it's really not a bag to be carried comfortably on the shoulder now if you have Nicoles arms...:p
    What the extra tassels are concerned yes they came with the should get back to Barney's about that!
  3. My Work fits great over my shoulder. That's how I wear mine most of the time, carrying it at the crook of my elbow only when I think it makes my outfit look cuter :p

    I do believe I got extra tassles with mine. Although, I didn't buy it from a boutique, but from a PFer. Not 100% certain though, and I can't check cos I'm not home.

    I'm sure the other ladies will pipe in soon, and you'll get confirmation soon! :smile:
  4. I got extra tassles with my work. Maybe you should call the store and ask them whatever happened to your extra tassles???
  5. I have a new one and the handles are stiff and uncomfortable over the arm. But I think with time they will stretch. Powderpuff recommended putting a book in a new bag to help stretch it out.

    I love the work I'm going to make it work.;)
  6. cracker, would be interested to find out how your new Work works after weighing it down with books to stretch the handles. Am seriously considering getting one, but would want to make sure that it would fit over my shoulder comfortably.

    I wonder if I should get a Courier, instead? :s :rolleyes: :idea: Gosh, here I go again...
  7. I'm selling that one because I changed my mind on the color. I want a Work that pops. Mine is brown and the leather is beautiful but I'm really into the brights right now. So, I think I may go for the Work in vert gazon or a spring 05 color. I'll let you know when I get another bag.:smile:
  8. My Work fits over my shoulder only if I'm wearing a regular spring-type jacket or no jacket at all. I can't fit it over my shoulder if I'm wearing a thick winter coat. I bought my bag third-hand from an eBayer so I think the handles were already a tad stretched out. It did come with a set of extra tassels....I would definitely go back to Barney's and get yours!
  9. i have a work and it fits comfortably over my shoulders. but, u should decide base on what is best for u! defintely call Barneys and ask about the extra tassels, they are suppose to give them to u! ;)