question about the wine matinee

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  1. so i've been using my wine matinee non stop since 1) i wanna break it in and 2) its the only one i have gotten around to protecting with LMB and AppleCare but yesterday i noticed that the bottom is starting to get a bit bent. kind of. if feels rough in on area but if u flip it over it doesn't really look bad. i can just feel it and am i putting too much stuff in it?
  2. All the bottoms bend a bit from the weight.. it is pretty much un avoidable unless you get (or create) a base shapper similar to the ones used on LV Speedy bags. You could get some stiff cardboard type material and wrap it in fabric, keep it at the bottom of your bag and that should keep your bag from ever bending again-

    Hope that helps!
  3. ITA with LR. :yes: I have a Dusty MAM and Wine MAM, and both bottoms will "bend" if I put too much stuff inside. I always carry my planner/agenda with me in my purse, so I use that as a base in my MAM. It works pretty well. But yes, bending the bottom of the bag is pretty inevitable unless you use a base.
  4. ok that makes a lot of sense. i was just wondering because i have a camera, wallet, ipod and makeup bag in there. i was worried i was hurting the purse. but if its normal then thats fine.
  5. I find that if you shove the heavier stuff you usually bring around in the pockets, there's less stress on the bottom.:tup:
  6. I don't have any Mattie yet but when I stuff my things in my MAB or MAM, the base gets bent too. But for some strange reason, I like the look of the bent base. :shame:
  7. I have a Light Grey Mattie and the bottom is a bit crinkled. (Is that a word?) lol, it's a bit bent, but it came like that.