Question about the way you carry a Birkin...

  1. I was wondering can you carry it on your shoulder?? I know Carolyn Bessette Kennedy sometimes did but she also had the 40cm I believe. Do you think you could do that with a 35cm??
  2. if you're super skinny and has slim arms, you probably can...........
  3. I was wondering the same thing as I usually can get away with this issue, one day, if I get my 35cm, I will take a pic of that exact holding position, dreaming, dreaming....
  4. I've tried it with my 35 and it is possible to sling it on your shoulder. I don't though because I'm a bit paranoid about creasing the leather (in this case ostrich) and I think it's not something you would want to do with a croc.

    When (oh, dreaming, dreaming too...) I get my slouchy leather one though, I will.

    Btw just for reference, I'm not that super skinny, def not CBK size, "normal" size (French 38, prob US 6). So probably not a method limited to waifs and supermodels and other size 0/2's.
  5. nope! If you carry it like that your gonna get that baby squashed up!!

    Starr your very thin and your about 5'5-6 right? Please reconsider that 35cm. You might get lost in it! :lol:
  6. i tried too wrong number and yes it is possible but one of the handles will always slip off. *note to self; must get skinnier arms* hehe
  7. Lady H, you have to squash the bag under your elbow, to hold the straps together, which is why Baggs said the leather would get squashed. Believe me, my arms are pretty chunky, but the straps will stay in place once you bring the elbows in.

    That's why I'm not doing it with the precious ostrich. Only when I get a slouchy leather which won't mind a squish here and there.
  8. I do not think it looks good on the shoulder...(sorry!) I like it in the hand, or on a bent arm...otherwise it ruins the shape of the bag.
  9. If you really like a shoulderbag...maybe the JPG is for you!
  10. I just can't imagine buying a birkin and trying to carry it under my arm. No squashing the bag! You skinny ones all the best!

    Need I say...JPG?
  11. Avandome...good minds think alike!
  12. I agree, the Birkin should be carried in the hand, or in the crook of the arm. But there are certain circumstances when I do need to get it out of the way, and need two hands to do things (and no way am I gonna let that baby down on the floor or whatever in public). That's when it helps if it goes over the shoulder.

    Actually, even the JPG IMO looks better being carried the "traditional" way. I have a JPG too and find that on the shoulder, it gets bumped too much when you walk around.
  13. I'm with avandome and KB. I can't imagine a Birkin being a shoulder-carried bag, the physical mechanics side of things, as well as aesthetically speaking. It looks most fab in the crook of one's arm or hand-held:smile:
  14. :yes: :rochard: I respect ...the birkin bag!:lol:
  15. When it comes to the squishing factor - me too:rochard:

    Baggaholic, um, I 'm just under 5'3". Lost or not, I want a 35cm too!:wlae: :lol: