Question about the Walnut color


Dec 3, 2007
I swear I'm making more of this than there actually is, but whatev.

I ordered the Gigi in walnut leather yesterday, sight unseen. An SA there told me that the walnut looked like this, and showed me the Lily Satchel in the brown color. In all fairness, it was different than the whiskey color. It was not as red. But not as dark as I would have thought.

ESPECIALLY since I can clearly see that the Bleecker walnut is very dark (which I adore).

So, which is it? Is it going to be dark like the Bleecker or a muted whiskey color? I'm not sure what to think, though I admit, sometimes those SA's don't seem to have a clue.

I'm sure I'm overthinking this. And when my bag comes all questions will be answered. But I'm not known for patience! ;)

(LizCordova, maybe you can clarify?)


Smiling :)
Aug 2, 2006
hmm hopefully someone will know. I agree the bleecker in walnut is pretty dark and I would assume it would be the same. I had an SA at the outlet yesterday tell me they had an ali in in camel.. I asked her to clarify if it was natural, she went back and checked and said it said whiskey. So, you never know! :shrugs: I hope when it comes in you love it! :yes:


Enjoying Rain!
Mar 27, 2007
When I asked what the walnut Gigi was really going to look like, my SA showed me the Bleecker large flap in walnut and said that it was going to be the same color. Hope that my SA was right and that you love it when you get yours!