Question about the Wait List

  1. Hi all,

    Since I'm on the wait list of this Olympe Stratus PM bag. One of the SA from South Coast Plaza told me normally show bags will go to the "Good Customer" first, regardless if I'm on the early part of the wait list or not. Basically it isn't first come first serve. Well, I know most of the shops actually received their shipment, but I'm still waiting for my SA to call me.

    Has anyone heard about this?

    **Good customer means you have to spend $20 - 30K at least each year.
  2. which bag is this??
    The cloudy line?
    I have the Nimbus......I think if u have a great SA relationship...they should be able to find ANY bag for u..regardless of what u spend ...
  3. Jill
    Yes, from the Cloud line
  4. PS-Id dump that SA fast..LOL..If u r in the Natalie at Saks LV
    in BalaCynwyd,......PA...

    she gets me ALL the best bags!!!I really like her alot.
  5. OMG that is just ridiculous... 20-30k... dear lord!
  6. Thanks Jill
  7. 20-30K :push: I don't even make that much in a year! ahhaaha
  8. Anytime Tigger.....Thats the SA I got my nimbus from today....
  9. I think "good customer" refers less to total $ patronage than SA loyalty- I myself am i decidedly un-moneyed client, but because I work with same SA every time, I get catalogues, VIC gifts, and wait list priority.
  10. Tigger I'm on a wait list for the same bag but really want to see it irl.

    Jill I read Chanel board and love your Cabas collection. I'm on BG waitlist for that too. I know it's comparing apples to oranges but since you have both which bag do you think you're going to love forever and ever? I don't want to get both because 3 private school tuitions, huge mortgage blah blah so I won't feel so bad if I get THE ONE that will satisfy my bag-love for a long time.
  11. i agree with, jill. get another SA! i wouldn't want to deal with an SA who only seems to care about the $ amount.

    ValleyOppressed - semi OT, but do you think it is easier for a local like me to be a VIC here? i'm always envious of VICs hehe. when i signed up to be on the dentelle waitlist there didn't seem to be any VICs for the kirsten or fersen...not popular? or they don't have many VICs at wailea.
  12. Unfortunately, this is true. Most SA's wouldn't say it to your face. They're usually sneaky about it. You need to start a good relationship with anSA and they can help you with stuff like that. Someone tried to be sneaky with my patchwork speedy I was waiting for. The manager told my SA that there was 1 person ahead of me. Then she pointed to the date on the waitlist and I was before that person by a week! Some other SA was trying to get it for their client!

  13. can you post a pic im curious im so not updated with the latest bags because the LV here really sucks they dont have much news either, how bad is that right

  14. Memory Bliss: Let me know if you got it please.
  15. Tigger: I definitely will let you know as soon as I get the call from the SA from Waikiki. I'm on the list for Beige. Have to decide between this and the Chanel cabas and it's now down to who calls me first.