Question about the Vernis TOMPKINS Square & VERNIS in general :)

  1. Does anybody know, when the Tompkins Square was discontinued and what the retail was? And what are your thoughts on this bag? :P
    I really like it in beige and bronze, right now I'm eyeing a beige one... but I'm a little worried because of color transfer, etc. Does this always happen or just if I treat the bag wrong?
  2. The bag is TDF,
    I think londonbrat and printmodel have this bag . I saw Ebay has silver one.
  3. I have it in beige. Color transfer is greatly exagerrated. I am so clumsy with my bags and all of my vernis is fine (and I have over a dozen vernis bags that I use a lot including 2 carry-ons).

    Retail was around $1000, I believe.
  4. Aaaw, that's great to hear :tender:
    Thanks manolo maven :flowers:

    I might get the beige one... already asked the seller for more pics... it looks so pretty in the auction :love:
  5. I've heard that the newer vernis isn't as prone to color transfer as the original fabric.
    I have a framboise cles and it's always laying against transfer yet, knock wood.

    I also have a Lexington which is made out of the original Vernis fabric.
    It's lighter-baby blue-so we'll see what happens when I eventually use her.
  6. Beige and Bronze definitely don't have as much transfer as you'd mom is notoriously hard on her bags and there is NO transfer anywhere on her Beige Houston.
    The only ones I had trouble with were Peppermint and Marshmallow.
  7. Thanks for the replies...
    Ok, as I already said, I asked the seller for more pics. And I have a hard time believing that someone who has a feedback of ~300 on eBay does not have a digicam to take more pics for me... :huh:
    She said, the pics from the auction were taken by a friend of her... - if I'd want to sell a bag for ~450 € BIN I'd send 100 pics if necessary... :hysteric: