Question about the Vernis Spring Street Handbag

  1. Have they stopped making this bag? I was looking for it on the Louis Vuitton website and it doesn't seem to be on there anymore :sad: I am bidding on a Red Spring Street purse and I am wondering how much did it cost and how much would you pay for one? I did a search and I found a few online but the bidding prices are different, one starting at $500, another starting at 615 and the one I am bidding on, the highest bid being at about $250.00 Any thoughts??

    Another question, does having a MPRS or LVLA mean the seller really is selling an authentic LV handbag??

    Any help would be great as I am newbie on eBay shopping! Thank you all very much in advance!!
  2. It is discontinued. The one you're bidding on is absolutely real;) I've bought from her and no problems at all.Good luck!:P
  3. Thank you Lee, your input is deeply appreciated!
  4. I paid about $320 - $350 for each of mine because they do not have the clochettes (key and key holder), when they are mint and have the keys, I see them going for around $500 or more, for the fuschia. Rebeccalou has a fabulous lavender one going for a little over $500 I think; used only once with keys... but, me no can do. I would love to have that bag, but can only handle twins, not triplets.....Good luck with the Red. hot. That's a fabulous price!
  5. I love this style. I was soooo sad to find out they don't make it anymore. I'd love it in framboise!