question about the vernis ludlow

  1. can you put bills in it, or is it just for cc's and coins? thanks
  2. I don't have one, but it looks like it's for cc and change only. I am sure that you can fold your bills and put them in the change side. You can make it work. Elux says...

    Louis Vuitton
    Ludlow Wallet$335.00
    A luxurious, compact wallet in textured Monogram Vernis. Contains a snapped coin purse and compartments for three credit cards.
    • Patent monogram embossed leather
    • Calfskin lining
    • One snapped coin case, three credit card slots
    • 3.9" L x 3.1" H
  3. Just like any change purse, you could fold up your bills but there is not a place specifically for bills.
  4. ^^ I do the same. I fold my bills and put them in the change pocket. But it's so lovely and compact! I love my vernis ludlow! :biggrin:
  5. i fold my dollars and put it in the change part.
    it is a great little going out wallet.
  6. Fold the bills in half and insert in coin pocket. It's great!
  7. It's great for a going out wallet, or if you travel light. For me, I need something with more compartments for everyday. I like having a designated bill section, and ludlow doesn't have that.
  8. I had initially purchased the ludlow in pomme, but ended up exchanging it for the pochette wallet (long one). It has lots of compartments and I like my bills straing KWIM, it's more convenient IMO...
  9. You can put bills in it but they have to be folded up. Also, I wouldn't recommend putting many coins in it since it will get too bulky and won't snap..I'd just suggest putting cards (fits 3 in the slots, you can probably squeeze 6 in there though it might be tight) and a couple of folded up bills in it.
  10. Like everyone else has said, no seperate bill pocket. There's also the vernis billfold if you want something with a little more capacity, but I think the reason why a lot of people like the ludlow is just cause it's so compact (and cute !)