Question about the veiny leather thing....

  1. I have posted pix of periwinkle w/GH yesterday and also did some research on the forum about the veiny leatehr thing.

    Alot of people said they like the color, but not the leatehr texture(the vein and marbling, mottled coloring)....and I kinda liked the leather with the veins and marbling.......when I saw it...

    I am a big fan of Balenciaga, but I don't think I know as much as some of you I wanted to ask....;)

    what's so not right about the veiny leather?
  2. I think it's a matter of personal preference. There are a lot of PFers who like the veins in bbag leather. However, I think that some leather can be extremely veiny and DRY as well. I personally like some veins to give the leather character but hate it when bags are really dry.
  3. I like veiny – much more interesting!
  4. I like some of my bbags to have veins and others not seems to depend on the color for me... I have a couple w/veins and the others without.
  5. I like veiny, they are a sign of genuine leather KWIM? The fakes don't have natural leather veins - they are mostly plastic looking leatherette (?) and just don't look natural to me. Veins and pores and grains are an intrinsic part of natural leather, just like we have veins and pores on our skin. So I accept them as part and parcel of genuine leather bags.
  6. Personal preference :yes: All leather Babgs have veins, small or large. It totally depends on what you like. I like big crazy veins on darker colors and not so much on lighter ones ;)
  7. This is exactly how I feel. It depends on the bag and the color. I like veins on some colors but not others. I think the darker the color, the less I like it.
  8. i like it a little veiny. i think it gives the bag some depth. makes it much more interesting than if it were completely matt.
  9. I love my ink first, the front doesn't have much veininess but the back is quite marbled and i LOVE it. I carry with the back facing out on purpose sometimes :smile:

    Veins are in no way indicative of higher or lower quality leather on a particular bag, it's just a natural variation.
  10. To each his own! Some ppl prefer the veiny or marble leather bc it makes the bag unique...others may not like it because it prevents the color from being uniform. Definitely a matter of personal preference!! :idea:
  11. I love veiny. The veinier, the better. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
  12. I've got a question......when you refer to the bag being veiny.........are you talking about the creases (wrinkles) or the marbling? Personally, I love the Bbags that look really distreased with a lot of creases but I don't care for the marbling as much.
  13. ^Exactly. There have been lots of bags I don't care for with a lot of veins, but jewel-tone colours especially looks beautiful with a bit of marbled colour variation.
  14. I was actually talking about both.....some people were saying that they love the color of periwinkle this year, but they do not like the veiny look (which includes the whitish creses with marbling and the slightly mottled look of it)

    But i agree with most of you guys, I love the creases(veiny) and some of the marbling.

    thanks all~
  15. veiny is just fine :biggrin:
    Yah like others said, it's personal preference! I like it veiny, gives it character! Most ppl don't like s/s 06 leather, but i found it at first to be shiny and of course the thinner leather.. but with use it got so fluffy & soft... now i miss it! (ink city)

    The whittish veins will dissapear after time, my ink was quite veiny & w/ white veins.. but i became so SOFT!!