Question about the vachetta leather

  1. This might be a silly question but here it is. A friend of mine had purchased a gently used Monogram Alma from someone she knew at work, so naturally I invited myself over to examine the bag inch by inch.
    I noticed that the leather (which had virtually no patina at all) had really matte texture on the handles and more shiny texture on the rest of the bag, especially the base. The matte leather on the handles was really sensitive to dirt and felt almost a bit sticky when you touched it. Is this natural? Wouldn't this result in the handles darkening much faster than the rest of the bag (hence seriously uneven patina)? Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. handheld bag..the handles get darker faster than the rest of the bag because it has contact with skin ,oil etc..

    Uneven patina is normal..
  3. They may have treated the bag with a protectant