Question about the uncoated Damier Azur

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  1. I'm hearing that the Azur line is uncoated canvas....and maybe I'm over thinking things but if this is true how can the Cabas Plage standup the way that it does in this pic??

    Wouldnt uncoated canvas be really soft? :shrugs:

    This is the ONE bag from this line that I want and it loks so structured to me. I dont get how it can be uncoated/untreated

  2. It's coated just like mono and damier...positive! My SA told me this afternoon..
  3. *Sigh*

    That's good news. Thanks:yes:

    I wonder how the worng info got out??:shrugs:
  4. hmmm i dont know why but im just not a fan of the new color
  5. I love the Cabas Plage.
  6. I saw these at LV today,my location had gotten a few in already.The manager and I are buddies so she let me take a peek,but she can't sell them till November 1st.
    No need to worry they are made of coated canvas:yahoo: .
  7. Anyone know what the interior looks like? Is it also the same textile lining as the damier speedy?

  8. Cat,^^

    Which one did you see.?

    I am so in love with the Cabas Plage.:drool:
    I just wish it didnt have those white rope handles. They are prone to getting dirty easily :Push:
  9. I think I'm in love... I think the Azur line is beautiful...
  10. The rope handles are what make the Plage special. Plage is limited & going to be hard to find after the first month, so if you want one, grab it asap! I love that it is considered a "beach bag" LOL no way is that baby going near sand & dirt & sea water.
  11. Thank goodness it's coated!! I couldn't imagine it otherwise being such a light color and all. Thanks to all for confirming!! YAY!! :yahoo:
  12. Oh good.. that's really crazy otherwise, uncoated light bags !?
  13. :yahoo: :wlae: GREAT, I am glad you had the chance to see it, I still can't believe the SA at my local LV boutique stated that this line is non-coated, now I need to see it IRL before purchase :yes: