Question about the Turner

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  1. For those of you that have the Turner, I am just wondering, if after wear it stays as stiff as the first time you got it, or if it loosens up a little bit. I have it sitting on my table and I love how it sits up and keeps it shape. Does it continue to keep its shape after wear? Just trying to compare it to the Marley which seems very slouchy, where this one seems stiff. I am hoping it keeps shape, but I wanted to see before I started wearing it, what to expect. I love my Marley, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't make sense to have 2 slouchy bags, for me anyway. TIA
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    I just got the Mocha Turner and I love it. It is starting to slouch a bit, but still keeps a good amount of shape. It was stiffer when I first got it and it still kinda stands up, but it has a slump to it. It was really full and stiff and stood up completely when it first arrived. Which color did you get? I don't think it will be anything like the Marley which is very slouchy and totally collapses.
  3. I got the Mocha as well. You have good taste!! How long have you had it? Is it still as shinny?
  4. I think it probably depends on the leather. My grey turner is pretty slouchy to begin with. Turner and Marley are 2 completely different shapes, so even both are slouchy I think it is ok to have the two.

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    I have only had it a few weeks. It still has a nice sheen. It really is more beautiful IRL!! I have to say it is one of my favorite colors of all the bags I own. The leather gets softer too. I keep petting it. It also goes with everything and does not seem too delicate. I have a Marley too and they are 2 totally different styles. I can see some similarities, but they hang different. I did spray it w/ Wilsons TLC and it had no effect on the color,
  6. I love the slouchy leather of your Grey Turner. Do you carry it when you don't have all that many things in it?
  7. How is Mocha wearing in with use? I've had RM glazed lamnskin & it soften really nicely with use but not sure Mocha behaves the same way coz I've never felt a Treesje bag up close.
  8. I'm not sure about Mocha specifically, but I have a few Treesjes with glazed leather, and they break in beautifully. Grey Shine, for instances, softens up really nicely despite the glazing on the leather, to the point where it smooshes pretty well even in a non-smooshy style (the Magnolia).
  9. Sounds like they are just like their RM counterparts. Thanks!
  10. It is really softening nicely! I love it. It seems like it gets better w/ time! I keep petting it.