Question about the speedy lock and keys

  1. Okay, I did something kind of stupid. I just got my first Speedy (a Mini Lin) and without thinking I unlocked the lock and then I hooked the keys to the lock and closed it. So my question is, are the all the locks the same so if I go into LV can they unlock for me or am I stuck with it that way permanently?
  2. Are they not on a spiral key chain where you can just take one off?

    Your keys and or lock have a number on them, take it to LV and they can unlock it for you by matching the number of your lock.
  3. :huh:a
    yea i was thinking you would be able to take the circle ring off...but if not im pretty sure you can take it to LV and they'd find you the same # lock and open it for you.
  4. Yeah, that would have been easy if I had just locked the ring part to the lock but noooooo I had to go and lock the actual keys to the lock. Duh:shrugs: ...
  5. ^^LOL aww that sounds like something I would do, w/out even thinking about it! Just take it to LV and they can open it using the same numbered key that matches the lock.
  6. Oh, that is horrible. If LV cannot help, then take it to a locksmith.
  7. LV boutique sure can help..cos the SA has shown me a few similar locks with the same no. keys..they have them in the shop..just ask them to help you unlock it..I bought my mini lin speedy with the key no 307, and when I bought the speedy damier, she gave me the same no. keys so that I can unlock both locks with the same keys. No worries dear.
  8. Lol yeah the store will help you! This sounds like my kind of thing, like the SECOND I walk out the house and hear the door close and lock I realize that I dont have my keys haha!
  9. take your bag to lv and see if they can use the master key to open the lock for you... Unless someone here has an extra key they could send you... what number is your lock?
  10. almost all the keys have the same number ! so just go to lv and stop pannicking! :smile:
  11. LV will definitely have a key for you...
  12. Thanks everyone. I will go to LV this weekend. My lock # is 300
  13. yes they can unlock it for you
  14. I always have the keys attached to the lock..but they're on the spiral so you can just take a key off of that and unlock it.
  15. Haaa. Cute:p. No worries. LV will help ya. They just need the lock number.