Question about the small Rock and Chain hobo

  1. If you have this bag or have tried it on, please let me know if it is strictly to be worn over the arm or around the wrist? I'm a rather tiny person and wonder if it can't be flung over the shoulder like the larger one (which I love but it would be too big for me, just like the baby cabas) as well? Thanks!!
  2. I heard its a wrist bag but I havent personally seen this size
  3. It is more like a handbag. You can hold it by its chain in your hand. It barely makes it up your shouder and has a coin purse inside. Its rather small.
  4. It really is not a shoulder bag. Even if you could get it there it would be sort of weird. I was surprised when I saw that inside it was a very small frame bag. It goes over the arm or can be held by the chains. It won't even hold a long wallet, I don't think.
  5. Thanks ladies! It turns out that my SA at Saks BH (she rocks btw!!) has found one for me. I go check it out on Thursday and will see for myself if it is at all functional. I'm really hoping they'll have the large one too just for comparison.
  6. I think calling this bag a small hobo is misleading. My SA sent me this bag by mistake. It think it really is only meant to slip over your wrist and hold in front of you or to the side (or held by hand). It actually had a clutch like opening and closure. I can't imagine how one could wear it as a hobo. Good luck and tell us what your thoughts are on the bag.