Question about the sizes of Mabels

  1. This might be a silly question but I'm bit confused about how many sizes the Mabel comes in right now. Is it two or three sizes? From what I've seen on their website, there's the Mabel (23.5x29.5x11.5) and the large Mabel (26x37x14.5). Is there another larger or smaller sized Mabel? In their lookbook, there's a maxi Mabel, but it's not listed with the rest of the Mabels on sale. Is this the same as the large? I can't quite tell from the pics how large that is, but it looks bigger than the large.

    Thank you in advance. I'm not really looking to get a Mabel right now, but I think it's growing on me, which is a very dangerous thing. Sigh... It's true, Mulberry bags do suck you in just like that. Not too long ago I didn't think they were that special even after seeing them IRL, but somehow they kept invading my thoughts, and now I think I'm hooked. Thinking of getting a second Mulberry and I bought my first one barely 2 weeks ago. Oh dear...
  2. Hi- This is the only Mulberry bag I really know about so am happy to answer;) There is Mini Mabel - large Mabel ( the best size I think)-Maxi Mabel This is one hell of a BIG bag and I think is to much!

    I love my mabel to bits and hope to get another one for chrimbo hopefully red or maybe pink for coming spring - summer months.

    Also these bags are great dressed up or down, I would recommend to all :yes:
  3. The large Mabel is the standard one and is a good size for an everyday handbag. It's a bit longer than the Phoebe. I'd say it's a similar size to the Emmy but looks smaller as it's squishier and less structured.
    The mini Mabel is tiddly, I'd use it as an evening bag but there's no way it would be big enough for a day bag.
    The maxi Mabel is ginormous. It'd make a great travel bag but looks too big, IMO, to be a handbag.
    Hope that helps.
  4. Actually I think that the mini mabel is a great little bag if you don`t carry to much aboout and is fine for a day bag and alot cheaper then large mabel.

    Large mabel is actually the standard size and you can fit lots and lots ,mine had travel documents,make up ,straighteners,brushes,purse and bits and bobs in at the weekend and I managed to carry about all day no problems!

    Also there are lots of new colours coming for spring summer range.

    The factory outlet stores have a few in at the moment,Black ,midnight and a couple of others that I can`t remember!!
  5. Hahahaha!! Another Mulberry obsessive compulsive is born!!!
    I had a look in a Mulberry brochure and it looks as though there are four sizes sizes,small
    medium large and maxi,I photo'd this catalogue and put it on a thread that has models with it if you want to check out sizes,there were no dimensions given in the booklet,sorry!!! Not sure what I called the thread,have a hunt it may be near the bottom of the thread page? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    The maxi looks like bin-bag size!!!!
  6. Tara, you're right, the mini is a great little bag. Just too small for the amount I haul around each day. Oh how I'd love to be able to just carry something that size!
  7. They also would be great for a double act

    I would love to buy my 7 year old one for chrimbo.

    God ,how sad am I ( please do not reply )

    Mmmm........maybe I am a chav after all.
  8. I agree with Chaz - there are, currently, four Mabels:

    Mini Mabel
    Large Mabel
    Maxi Mabel

    They're not all available on the website but I've seen them all at various times in John Lewis so I know they exist!

    The maxi is more of an overnight bag, tbh, but it's gorgeous. The girl who sits opposite me at work just got the Large Mabel in black from Mulberry at Heathrow (duty free :yahoo:) and it's gorgeous. I have a little stroke every couple of days!
  9. I also think that there are four sizes: mini, standard, large and maxi. The standard size and the large one can be purchased via the Mulberry Online Shop. The standard size can be seen in the lookbook on the new Mulberry Website on the cover page (the purple patent one) and the large Mabel can be found on page 3. I got the large Mabel as a present for our 12-and-a-half-year wedding anniversary (which, luckily, you can celebrate in Germany!!!) and it is gorgeous! And really large, even longer than they say on the website, mine is about 41 cm long. You can put lots of stuff in it. Even large books! The size is great for "not-skinny" persons like me. If you are more on the skinny side and do not carry that much stuff, the standard size might be enough. The goat leather is really wonderful and does not scratch easily. Rain is no problem. No collonil treatment so far, as I wanted to preserve the soft touch of the leather. (I'm not going to drown my bag in the kitchen sink - not even for scientific reasons!)

  10. I`m not sure now!!

    I`ii have to check it out - what size is my bag???????????

    I`m all confused.
  11. Tara, I would guess that your bag is the regular size as I don't think the large Mabel came in midnight - only red & black - but this is just a guess and I'm willing to stand corrected.

  12. You know what they say about people who sit on the fence? They get splinters in their bum!!! Joking aside how can you tell? just from the colors,if they do that it would make life a bit easier!xxxxxxx
  13. You can tell from the proportions - the large Mabel is longer:
    Large Mabel

    And Net-a-Porter appear to have made a mistake by calling this one a large Mabel when it looks to me like a regular (it's gorgeous, though, bronze metallic):
  14. ooh see what you mean.........the middle and the bottom one look to have the same proportions wheras the top one is a little more 'collapsed' looking,like a bigger bag would, I think I like the bigger one,but I'm with you I think the bronze color is lovely. xxxxxxxxx
  15. I haven't even gotten the bayswater I'm after yet, and now I want a Large Mabel as well...UGGHH...Must find some stuff to sell off quick...