Question about the signature hobos

  1. I dont know why, but we were all sooooooooooo happy about the price drop that we didnt ask questions!!!!! I think ALOT of people bought that bag after the price drop!!!!
  2. Do you recall how much it was before that?
  3. It was $268 before the decrease....
  4. Ooohhhh, not bad, not bad. I think I might have to order one for myself. YAY!
  5. This is MY favorite bag....check out our Ergo Club thread and you will see lots of pics and see why we all love this bag and the entire ergo line!!!!!! :tup:
  6. I was wondering the same thing! Perhaps it is because it is not selling as well as the small sig. hobo? :shrugs:
  7. someone had said that it had nothing to do w/ how it was selling b/c it was selling well! The talk was that they were moving things out for the spring line!!!! This is a GREAT bag, and I suggest to anyone to jump at this b/c once the spring line comes out, this price is going back up to $268!!!!!!!:tup:
  8. Really:wtf:....Its a great price now..I might get myself one;)
  9. I say GO FOR IT, but fast!!!! And then join our Ergo Club!!!!!!! :yes: