Question about the shiny plastic bags! Help pleaseeee

  1. So my boyfriends parents are going to NYC and said they would go to a store for each of us and get us something small. Wellll I want one of the shiny plastic bags + some accessories but I have yet to see any "real pictures" besides off of Questions!

    + Which store in NYC would these be at? (They're at Bleeker right?)
    + Is there a huge size difference between the small and medium shiny tote?
    + What does the inside of the Shiny Plastic Credit Card look like?
    + What is the Dobb Kit? Just a fancy word for a beauty case?

    If you have any "real life" pictures, I would be so so happy! Thank youu
  2. I've been wanting to head over there myself, when do they leave? I'm trying to go in the next couple of weeks at the most.
  3. They leave friday! They're going to to some big buddhist event and I'm sooo glad since I don't have to spend 20$ on shipping and they can call and give me the report over the phone, haha.

  4. You could probably call the MJ store in NYC and ask them those questions. Call either store, both should have it or direct you to the correct location. The Bleeker store phone number is 212.924.6126.
    The CC wallet will probably have both sides with CC slots, I think.
    The Dobb kit is probably a bag to contain a men's shaving kit.
    Let us know what you decide to get!
  5. TY!! I posted on another MJ forum so i'm hoping to get pictures of the medium/small or measurements of eithers. I think that's my main concern - not knowing which size to get!

    I think I plain on having them get me either the small or medium tote, cc zip, zip clutch, SKIP tee (blue!), heart compact for a friend, bandaids and other little small things. I usually order from my favorite SA in Boston (Matthew!) but i'd rather have them just pick these up for me :smile:
  6. Matthew is a dear!