Question about the Saleya PM

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  1. Does regular letter-size paper fit in it? I'm not talking a lot, just say a stack of tests (I'm a teacher)...would they fit in? Or would I need the MM?
  2. Yes. I have placed a stack of about 40 sheets of letter-sized paper in my Saleya and closed the zipper just fine.
  3. I also teach, and I think that it would be a little tight if you had other, regular stuff in there too. I used mine for a business trip, and there were times when I couldn't zip it because the papers, sitting on top of my other stuff, were too tall.
    If you didn't need to zip it, though, you would have no trouble at all.
  4. Thanks jane and ck21! It sounds like I'll be okay with the PM. I don't really want to go to the MM, as I would like to use this as just a purse sometimes too, and the MM is just too big for me in that respect.