Question about the RM morning after

  1. I don't have a RM bag yet because they aren't available in Germany but thank god dh is travelling to the US frequently so that he can bring back all the beautiful bags you have over there.
    The next time will be in January and he's getting the Morning after mini for me, I'm not sure about the colour yet but probably the grey.
    Anyway long story short my question is if the bag can be stored more or less flat in his suitcase or will this harm the bag. Is it better to stuff her or is it ok to sqeeze her a little bit.
    I don't want to ruin her before she even gets here.
    TIA for your help.:flowers:
  2. Mine arrived flat so I think it will be fine. If he buys in store, have him ask the SA for the best storage option. It almost felt collapsable, though I know it isn't supposed to be.
    You'll love it! I just got mine, haven't taken her out, but I did oggle it all weekend.
  3. I also received mine last week. I just love her and I know that you will too. The dark grey is TDF!!! The purse should be alright if it is flat in his suitcase. Mine was not shipped that way; but it is very flexible and I don't think it would harm the bag.
  4. Thanks a lot!! I really like collapsable bags and it's good to hear that dh can't harm my bag while putting her in his suitcase which he did with another bag he brought back with him last year.:cursing:
    Thank god it isn't to long until January because I keep drooling over the MA pics for hours.:drool: