Question about the Riveting bag!

  1. Is it too late to get myself a riveting bag??? I really really really want one!

    Also, how much is it in English pounds? And is there any left in london?

    Please please say yes!!
  2. You can check for prices.

    It says 960 pounds on the web site.

    If you're talking about the lambskin one, it's 1630 pounds.

    As for availability, I don't know since I don't live there but maybe you can call around?
  3. I'm sure it still is...there are plenty here in the states. I know one of the SAs at one of the stores (I forget which at the moment) said that they were even having trouble getting rid of the lambskin ones.
    So I think there's hope for you. :yes:
  4. Yeah, I saw all 3 still in our boutique here in the US. Hope ya find one;)
  5. Manchester has the balck lambskin so they should be able to transfer it to london for you. Is that the one you want you didn't say
  6. I think this bag is seasonal (Please correct me if I'm wrong),therefore, there sould be plenty around.
  7. Hope you find one. Good luck!
  8. I'm sure there are a few left!
  9. hey i'm looking for the monogram one!.. it seems popular that's why i'm worried i might not be able to find one
  10. I think you may be ok when i was at my store they had 3 out on the floor with people looking at them at the same time, this is pretty unheard of my store gets lowish stock. not one of the people looking bought it so there is a good chance just call the mainline number and see what they say.
  11. even the monogram one?
  12. I don't think they've been sold out. They didnt appearto be that sought after.

    I think my store still has one, it's faaar outside the US though.
  13. Hope you find one...Good luck!
  14. yup i still saw 2 at my store this week. not sure about the mono but i definitely saw the lambskin ones.
  15. I'm sure there are some left. They occasionaly keep popping up on elux, so I'm sure they're not that rare!