Question about the 'raincoats'

  1. Do any of you actually use the raincoats for these bags?? Just curious - I can't imagine putting a raincoat on my bag but I suppose if I had to be out in the rain - but no, I don't think I would bring my Hermes bag if I did - I don't know! I can't imagine it....anyone else?
  2. I remember someone mentioning that they carry it in their bag "just in case".
  3. OMGosh addicted!! Where did you come up with this animated cartoon!! I love it! So funny - that is all of us here on the forum dealing with this 'purse issue' LOL!
  4. They come with raincoats? I didnt even know. .that's cool, lol.
  5. I just found it on smiley central and HAD to put it here! I swear - that's me (and all of us really!)
  6. I always keep one of the raincoats inside the zipper compartment of my bags. In fact, it has come in handy quite a few times and I was so glad that I had the raincoat with me because I surely don't want to let my baby get wet ;)
  7. Addicted, that is SOOOOOO cute!!!!
  8. I have an hermes bag (cacahuete) in clemence leather and i use it in rain, snow, sun, wind, etc. it didn't come with a raincoat since it's half the cost of their mega-bags, but it's the same leather that a kelly or birkin can be made out of, and those always come with the covers, so i think it's more marketing than necessity - if a kelly "needed" the raincoat, so would mine, but i think hermes feels that a woman who carries such a beautiful bag would want to feel that they were offering her every possibly service/protection/indulgence, whereas my shoulder bag is a good deal more casual, so :smile: no raincover for me.

    quick edit: some of the leathers are more fragile than clemence, so definitely i am not recommending that all the hermes bags would do fine in less than ideal weather. but i'm sure they still give a customer who buys a clemence birkin or kelly one of those raincovers, necessary or not.
  9. HermesAddiction, I do the same thing! During heavy rain, however, I stick to LV Damier!
  10. I'm sorry my only reference to an Hermes bag is my one and only Kelly.

    It came with a raincoat but I just make sure the weather is nice and sunny and dry when I carry it.
  11. I don't mind a little light rain on my Togo Trim, but I also do what Lucy does and use LV Epi or Damier in heavy rain.
  12. I've never used the raincoats, I've never even opened them to see what they look like... I use LV when it rains...;)
  13. Well...the raincoats are cute...but that is when I break out my junkiest bag! I go casual. I need to worry more about my hair frizzing and not my bag!
  14. KB - funny - I get frizzy hair too and put a rainhat on ME!
  15. I always put the raincoat inside my Kelly chevre just in case. You'll never know here as it might rain. However, when it's only drizzling, I don't put the raincoat ... but once it was raining and I used it.

    My Paris-Bombay didn't come with a raincoat and it's epsom leather.