Question about the purple reissue

  1. Does anyone know anything about this bag? What sort of purple is it? Is it like Mischa Barton's purple flap or is more of a lilac/lavender colour?
  2. mischa's bag is the '06 violet / plum. i have the wallet! you could check my thread out ;) i heard the purple reissue is in metallic, i'm not sure what shade it is though.
  3. Has anyone seen a pic of the metallic colors? Can't imagine metallic in colors; sounds trendy and gimmicky rather than classic -- here for the long haul. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. That said I have a dark silver and it's beautiful.

  4. I know what you mean. I have a dark silver too and it will be very hard for any other metallic to top that. But i really want to see the red
  5. I want a purple bag SOOOO badly it hurts!
  6. One more reason kick myself for not finding Chanel earlier. I saw a picture of the timeless clutch in what I think is the 06 violet and I about fainted. I LOVE that color.... sigh. And no way I would venture on eBay.