Question About The PST

  1. I've been doing research in the Reference Library and I see that one TPFer paid $1095 (ish) for her PST while another TPFer paid $1550 for hers. What would cause the $400+ price difference?
  2. PST's are now $1250 and expected to go up in September or earlier......maybe she was including the tax in her total price, is not speaking of US price, or just made a mistake....
  3. Oh, and $1095 was the pre-pre price increase, two prices ago.... It was $1095 then $1150 and now $1250......and forgot one more....that $1550 also could have been a different leather too.....the prices I'm talking about are for caviar leather.
  4. Ok, thanks. I am trying to pick a bag before the dreaded increase.

    Let me dive back into the reference library for a leathers lessons. :smile:
  5. The 1250 is the rectangular one with the magentic snap opening and the 1750 one (used to be 1550) is the boxy one with the zipper.
  6. Is there a differnce in leathers?
  7. Lambskin always costs more than caviar.
  8. Ok. So not only do I need to know what bag I want. Also what leather I want. Interesting.... :sweatdrop:
  9. The PST is usually in caviar, it's very rare to find one in lambskin, I only saw one last season in a distressed brown color. I'm not even sure if it was lambskin or something else.
  10. yeah, I saw that one was more expensive but can't remember the actual price....
  11. I think it was about $200-300 more... It was so scratched up and the SA said it had just arrived. Did you see it at White Plains NM?
  12. ^^I saw it in the Chanel boutique in Short Hills was that leather that always looks scratched, you're right......It would have driven me crazy! I'm excited about the brown caviar for this fall, I'll be getting mine brown PST soon.
  13. Lola, the PST looks stunning in that color, congrats!
  14. this is off topic but does silver and gold hardware on the pst's make a price difference ?

    and how much do you think the price increase will be this time. meaning does go up the same amount everytime ?
  15. no price diff on sil/gold h/ regards to the increase, I *think* it's "only" going up by $100 this time around.