Question about the PST

  1. I just received a PST (rectangular one with the snap) and the back has a crease in the leather from one side to the other. It was sent to me so I didn't inspect it but I'm going to return it and maybe get another one unless that's a common occurence. It's not as stiff as the GST so the bag loses its shape very easily when it's under the arm, maybe that's why there's a crease, because people tried it on. Anyone with a PST, does this happen with your PST?
  2. Return it. I own two PST's and don't have the problem with the creasing on the front or back of the bag. The sides crease a little over time...but they are supposed to.
  3. ^^Agreed. My PST doesn't do that either. Yes it kind of smooshes when my arm rests on it when carried on the shoulder. However it shouldn't have a crease on the back unless it was stored right in the store before you purchased it. :confused1:
  4. Ok, I guess it was stored badly or something, I'm returning it. Thanks.