question about the price hike

  1. Hi,

    Thanks to girls for helping choose the bag. Finally I decided to go for GST. But I have to open a new thread here regarding the price increase. It seems very difficult to find the GST now but my SA in NM told me that the price of this bag won't go up? :wtf: The price increase is only for the bags with the hardware CC. Really????

    Can anybody recently got the GST help to check the tag? :love: Like the classic flap that I got is with the tag $1995 already?

    Thanks indvance.
  2. i was told by my SA @ "Saks" today the price hike is for all classic chanels, with both silver & gold hardware :push:...and i was also told it was more like a 28% increase, instead of 18%, but i've been hearing 18% all week, so who knows (?) :shrugs:
  3. All the timeless classic items which include, all classic flaps in all sizes, petit/grande shopping totes and the medallion tote too, will be subject to the horrendous 25-30% price increase.
  4. yup, my SA confirmed there will be price hike on GST.
  5. Yes, the GST will have the increase as it is in the Timeless Classic Ligne.
    However;I just spoke w/ my S/A and the classic flap in lambskin does not have a price increase nor does the classic flap in patent. So we came to the conclusion it must just be the caviar leather?????
  6. wow a 28% increase means that for a 2k bag originally.. it will now cost nearly $600 more? yikes :shocked:
  7. ^^ yeppers, sad but true :crybaby:
  8. ^^ wow, i thought it was all classics?!?! :shrugs:
  9. doe the hike come into effect tomorrow, for sure?
  10. I didn't ask the exact date, but the manager at Chanel in NM SF confirmed it will be very soon. I just got a GST last Saturday for $1650 +tax & a Jumbo classic flap for $1695 +tax. Get 'em while you can!!
  11. Thanks for the response from you girls. I will continue seeking one...

    I just heard that the GST with gold will discontinue, is it true? :confused1:
  12. Hey Iris! The GST will be $1995. That's what my SA told me effective supposedly tomorrow. :sad:
  13. Lainey, thank your for the confirmation. :heart:

  14. See my SA at NM told me the same thing too. Only classic flaps will have a price increase. Not the GST.
  15. Checked again with my SA just to make sure and she confirmed that it is included with the price hike tomorrow. And actually it is going up $555. Woa! More than I had originally thought!