Question about the Pocket satchel.

  1. Were these ever faked?
  2. PMing you.... don't know if I can post a user name
  3. Sorry, not sure what you mean by pocket satchel. Do you have a photo?
  4. Do you mean the bag that looks similar to the Blake without the pockets in the front? I've been seeing quite a few pop up on eBay.

  5. Yes exactly! I've seen some on eBay. There's one i'm looking at especially. I've emailed the seller for some additional pics. She sent me some but not the ones I requested (name plate, zipper heads, MII stamp, all the authenticating stuff). She said she wasn't able to send them to me for something or other, i dunno. I don't want to bid unless I can see those, but I was just curious if these were ever faked.
  6. I thought it was that bag, but sometimes the desciptions are so vague I didn't want to assume. As far as I know, I haven't seen any replicas, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Too bad she couldn't send you the pics.
  7. Don't think they were faked, I bought one in sap green when that color first came out, at that time, it was the venetia and stella being faked the most. Don't recall seeing a fake pocket satchel.
  8. I have seem them on a couple of fake sites a while back..I'd be careful. mags
  9. Let me know if you need pics for reference, I have a pocket satchel in dark blue (can't remember the actual color name right now).

  10. Thanks!