Question about the pochettes

  1. Im definetly thinking about getting some sort of pouch to keep cash in.. but i do not want to fold it? what pochettes will do this?
  2. Hmmmmm.....Pochette Tikal comes to mind.....Like this?
  3. ^^I'd go with that one as well.
  4. will that keep cash flat, and what about the pochette accessories or mini
  5. hmmm. i think maybe a pochette accesories?
    kinda big though..
  6. The Tikal is designed to do that, it's more of a flat shape. The pochette accessoires can do that too, it's just larger, as most people use it as a small handbag. The mini accessories is more of a small cosmetic case with a chain, bills can't lie flat without being folded inside it.
  7. thank you everyone! im thinking the pochette acc. the tikal is gorgeous but i kinda want damier
  8. A pochette in damier would be good.
  9. a damier pochette accessories would be perfect