Question about the pochette that comes in the bucket

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  1. Is the pochette permanently attached to the ring inside the bucket or does that chain detach from the bucket so that you can carry the pochette separately.

  2. You can detach it.
  3. Yes, you can detach it. Some people actually keep those cosmetic pouches and sell the bag :sweatdrop:
  4. From pics that I've seen from looks like the chain is attached to the ring and you can only remove the pouch. Could this be older models???

    I wanted to know if the chain was removable so that you could carry the pouch w/the chain separately.

  5. ^Actually, the picture you posted indicates that the bag is new. The chain is NOT detatchable, but there is a little clasp on the other end of the chain where you can detach the pochette.
  6. You can detach the pochette but the chain is permanently attached to the bag. I had to buy a separate strap for the pochette to use it on it's own.
  7. That's correct. I thought the OP wanted to know if she could take the pouch out. My pouch from my Bucket bag has severe sticky lining syndrome and I'm not able to use it anymore. :crybaby:
  8. The newer ones (post 2002-2003, not sure exactly) the chain is permantly attached. I think it can be removed from the older buckets though. The mini pochette is also different in the newer buckets, it is canvas inside, not the material that gets sticky with time.
  9. ^really?! Hmm...since lining is super cheap, perhaps I ought to change the lining of my pochette along with its leather leaflet one of these days....
  10. That's so sad? What caused it?
  11. When I bought my Damier Marais, my SA offered to completely remove the gold chain if I wanted. She has done it before for ladies who don't want the chain in the bag all the time. I never connect the cosmetic pouch to the chain - I just tuck the chain into one of the pockets.
  12. ^That's interesting to know. I want that bag! I really like the marais...but sometimes I think it's overpriced on ebay:sad:
  13. you can have the lining replaced. I had my bucket's lining replaced by LV in HK, it looked pretty new to me when i got it.