Question about the "plastic" chains....

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  1. I have just "discovered" Chanel and I'm lovin it. In the past month I have gotten the Patent Timeless Clutch and white J12 38MM. Today I bought new white Chanel, but I didn't bring it home as I "pre-purchased" it at Saks since they have triple points next week. is a white calf skin tote with the "plastic" chain and a zipper top. ;) I don't know the name of the bag (wish I did).

    What is this chain called? I know that it is not actually plastic, what is it? For those of you who have it does it hold up well?? (I have heard that a couple of years ago they had problems with it). Thanks!! :smile:
  2. I think you mean the modern chain :smile: Yes, there was a problem with it cracking and the shelves were cleared. A couple of months ago, some appeared again in the shops that I think were a newer upgraded batch, so you should be fine with your fab new bag, but because of the previous problems, I am sure if anything at all happened to it, you would be able to return it without a problem.
  3. I remember an SA telling me that the plastic chains on the MC tote were unstable (breaking) and they stopped selling them. I didn't know they came out with new improved ones. Hopefully these are much stronger.
  4. Thanks. :flowers: I think that it is different than the "modern chain". Isn't the modern chain the one with the chain/leather inter-twined? I am having second thoughts about this "plastic" chain one....but I guess I can ask my SA when I go to pick it up next week. I'd hate to pay 3,000 for not-durable plastic!! :rolleyes:
  5. It's called resin, isn't it....not plastic.
  6. Thanks again ladies...I do see that it is the "modern chain". I can't find pics of the one I ordered anywhere, but I will post pics when I get it. :smile:
  7. The plastic chain is called RHODOID.
  8. Is this the one you ordered? If its with zipper, i think its the hobo bag. According to Chanel SA, Resin is a 'high tech plastic' ..whatever it means..but its cute and really shiny..I tried the tote and love it love it love it..but the Resin thing makes me back off.. but the problem on the chain has been resolved by Chanel so it should be in better quality, I guess

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  9. The hobo is not the one that I ordered. Although I tried this one and liked it also. Mine is a tote shape with a little more structure and less of the "resin". I love it, but am still unsure how the resin will stand the test of time (will it hold up and will I like it in 2 or 3 years). Decisions, decisions......:smile:
  10. Yes, I think you DID get the Modern Chain style. That's the one without the leather intertwined in the resin chains. My S/A told me that the problem with the snapping chains has since been resolved, and the new ones "shouldn't" have the same problems with the links being undone. If you choose to keep it, just make sure the resin links are aligned properly and don't become "flipped" when you wear it. When they are unaligned and become flipped, they are more susceptible to the links coming apart -or at least that's what my Chanel S/A said ;) Please post pics when you get her!
  11. resin is the nicer way of saying plastic...the new modern chain released from resort this year is technically called 'rhodoid' - it's a strong resin that is impact resistant. the first batch had a slight problem with the bonding at the clasp...they were recalled and changed out in stores with a replacement link. it should hold up very well. some of you may recall the use of resin straps have been in many CHANEL handbags through the years. It's very retro and funky - my favorite is the single strap open top hobo.
  12. Thanks for the info.:flowers:
  13. It's the Modern Chain w/ Resin chains! I have it in black & LOVE IT! The resin is so much lighter than the original chain. My SA told me that when they had used the resin chains before the links weren't closed tight enough so one link would come unattached from another. So, CHANEL recalled it, modified the design, and re-released it...lucky for us! I think the white is so gorgeous, but I was afraid I'd ruin it...and be crushed. Congrats! Post piccies when you get it!!!
  14. Great pic! I tried this bag on recently and loved it. My SA said they had no problem with quality issues in Houston, but that the new ones had been made stronger so there wouldn't be a problem. There were a good deal of older bags made with resin straps and they've held up quite well, so I wouldn't worry. If something were to happen, chanel would take care of you. Enjoy and can't wait to see pics!
  15. I have the Modern Chain tote in black with the open top and LOVE it. The resin is light and comfortable on the shoulder. It can hold a lot of weight. I usually carry wallet, cosmetic case, Chanel sunglass case, ipod, cell phone and 2 other small items and have no problems at all. I use this as my everyday black bag and it works great.:tup: