question about the pegasus cadena

  1. i was looking at your roak thread and i saw someone wearing the pesgasus cadena on a necklace. i don't own any hermes but i LOVE that pegasus charm and the way it looked on a necklace. can anyone tell me the retail on the cadena and the necklace and if they are available at hermes? thanks!

    also- are they normally just bag charms or do a lot of people wear them as necklaces- it looked FAB!


  2. Retail is about USD220 for the pegasus cadena in palladium. And yes, you can still find this cadena from time to time at H stores around the world.
  3. what about the gold? could i find that still? omg now i'm on the hunt! thank you!
  4. Yes, the pegasus in gold has also been reissued, and can also be found. Both the palladium and gold pegasus cadenas are rare but they do pop up at from time to time. eBay sometimes has them (high premium though). You might want to go to your local H store and ask if they have it, and if they don't, if they could help you do a search. Call the US Hermes hotline perhaps?
  5. YAY! thank you! i called the hotline but it's only open mon-friday. i'm going to try and find the number to the store here in nyc.

    any idea about the necklaces- what colors they come in or the price?

    thank you thank you thank you!
  6. saw that! well, the one they have on eBay. thank you!

    i called the hermes store on madison and a lovely man is helping me locate one and a necklace to put it on- though i might be able to find something myself if all else fails. omg i was so nervous calling hermes but he was super nice!

    thanks again!
  7. I wish to know the answer too, hlfinn. I have been hunting for Japster's leather necklace (but in black leather) for a very long time! I regret not buying the black leather one when it was available at my store last Jun. My store hasn't received any black leather necklaces for a very long time. I was told for SS2007, everything is in brown leather.
  8. SJP also wore a gold pegasus around a natural leather Hermes necklace in the "All That Glitters" episode of SATC Season 4--looked fabulous!
  9. ooh i didn't know sjp had it on satc! wow! now i want it more. i hopeihopeihope he gets back to me.
  10. what exactly is the name of the necklace so when i call i am very specific. i have the gold pegusus and i would love to wear it just like E. thanks
  11. oh. do you have a pic of what it looks like? thanks!
  12. it is the second post in roak