Question about the Papillon 30

  1. Are the side of the Papillon 30 like the sides of an Ellipse--stiff and structured to hold the shape-or are they softer? I am looking at the pictures of Papillon 30s in the forum and they all look stiff; is this because you keep them stuffed? One more question: has anyone seen a fake Louis Vuitton with "made in USA," or do all of the fakes pretty much say "made in France"?
  2. it's pretty soft, but it's structured in such a way that it holds its shape nonetheless
  3. It looks stiff because it has leather lining.
  4. Irene's right:yes: It's only canvas with the pipping to hold it's shape,no stuffing needed.
    Fakes can be made in anywhere now:rant: so please don't assume "made in USA" = real;)
  5. Fakes say everything and anything.
  6. So true, they are getting good about that.
  7. Thanks, Ladies, you're educating me on the papillon! One more question, does your papillon's handles fold over in an obvious way? The reason why I am asking (and I know that this is bordering on an authentication question) is that I recently purchased a papillon off of eBay that I am pretty sure is authentic, but being a natural skeptic,I have a few doubts. As I can't remember what the inner handles of a papillon look like, I was wondering if Papillon owners can confirm that theirs looks similar to the pic that I am posting. Thanks!
  8. Yes, the leather on the pap handle does fold over a little bit. This is true for both my mono and damier paps. :yes:
  9. The pap canvas is soft so if you carry it on your shoulder, you might squish the pap but I love it regardless anyway. :love:
  10. I'm loving the look of it, too. Now I am thinking about a Bedford! Oh, and my Dh just told me that wants to put a moratorium on my LV bag purchasing. Men, they just don't understand!:girlsigh:
  11. Here's a pic from my Damier Pap 30. Should be the same construction with Mono. Irissy has both so she knows:rolleyes: Hope this helps!;)
  12. I agree with all that's been said. The papillon is soft so to speak, but will definitely keep its shape, even when empty.

    My leather handles fold and have a seam like the picture you posted.