Question about the Paddington Lock and zipper

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I just received my mousse paddie from Luisa Via Roma and I noticed that the lock looks kinda scratched up and the zipper seems to be kinda stubborn. I'm new to the paddington family so I was just curious if this stuff is normal?
  2. yeah, my zipper was kind of stiff too. It just needs to get used, mine works smoothly now. Lock scratching is inevitable on a lot of paddies. But not so much on the silver - its supposed to look aged, but mine didn't have any scratches or anything.
  3. I too have a mousse paddy and like Nawth said, the lock should look aged; but, not scratched.

    As for the zipper; yes, they are stubborn at first - I leave one side perma-zipped and the other side open - so, you will find a way to use the bag that suits you.

    Enjoy it - it is my favorite paddy color. :biggrin:
  4. Mine is exactly the same way too. The silver locks tend to look a little banged up, not gouged, but definitely not pristine. Zippers tend to give more with use too, so I keep zipping mine up. Someone told me to rub candle wax onto the zipper and it'll help it slide much better, but I'm too scared that I'd get it all over the place.
  5. My Choco one is from LVR, and yes, my zippers are a little stubborn like yours. My lock doesn't have any scratches, but there a few tiny "dings" or knicks under the bottom edges. I just accepted the lock as it was because it's not visible unless I flip the lock upside down...
  6. I just recieved my Taupe paddington from LVR today and there were no scratches on the lock but it didn't come with a key! Did any of you girls have the same problem?
  7. hangthedj, yes! :censor: I received my tan paddy from LVR without a key/leash. That was over two months ago and it is finally on its way to me via FedEx - should get it tomorrow. :hrmm: I didn't want to lose money by returning the bag so I waited for them to order me one which took forever - they make a claim and order a replacement from Chloe via their rep - they won't just take it from another bag. Contact Cristina at the ecommerce email address - she was most helpful to me - their other person was not. Sorry it happened to you too.... BTW - are you going to post pics of your taupe? :flowers:
  8. Hi blugenie! I'm glad you finally received your key/leash. I spoke to Cristina today and she said they would fed-ex it to me soon... How soon, I don't know, I just wished this whole process with LVR wasn't so frustrating (I mean how hard is it to make sure that all the bags are in tact)... But yes, I will post pics of my paddy in a few days!
  9. Thanks guys! You're right Loganz...'aged' is a much better term for it. I'm hoping the zipper will loosen up over time.
  10. bluegenie, post pics of your new paddy when you get your key!:smile:

    Sorry you and hangthedj two were missing your keys! How frustrating!