Question about the new slim style bags???

  1. I have digressed from the bal forum since last spring, but keep popping my head in and out to see what you ladies are up to! The new slim style day has really caught my eye, but even after doing a couple of searches the only pics I found were of the Giant hardware slim bags. Does anyone know if the slim day will come in regular hardware??? Sorry if this question has already been asked! Thanks for all your replies :flowers:
  2. I'm waitlisted for a slim at BalNY, and my SA said it only comes with giant hardware. :smile:
  3. I really want to see that new style. You would think that they would have it in time for Christmas, more sales, but I've given up trying to figure out their marketing tecniques. I'm not sure they have many. Maybe they are hoping to get rid of old stock first. That usually doesn't work.
  4. I really want to see this style too. I think I might like it.:graucho: