Question about the new Scribble...

  1. I am totally addicted to LV, but I've been looking for a couple less expensive bags (and lower maintenance!) to take with me on my trip lately, and I've so fallen in :heart: with the new scribble bags!!!

    I am quite interested in the small tote

    And the demi satchel


    For those who have purchased Coach in Canada, would you say that Coach is more expensive in Canada?
    I called Holts to inquire about the Spring '07 scribble totes and the lady quoted me $280-$340 for the stuff they have available at the moment. She said one was a "bucket bag" and the other was...(I lost her here). Bucket bag? :confused1: I'm assuming she is talking about the small tote...?

    Can both bags be worn on the shoulder?

    Does anybody here know more info about these bags, especially prices for them??
  2. have you compared the prices to
  3. It's hard to compare since I don't know what styles she was talking about, and she gave me a range...$280 to $340 CAD.

    I know the small tote is $178 and the demi satchel is $198 on the coach website, but I don't know what exactly is $280 and what exactly is $340 or in between.

    I was hoping she'd recognize the names on the website, just like if I were to call LV and the SAs would recognize the bag names but the lady simply told me they had a bucket and something else. :sad:
  4. hmm. sounds like the lady didn't know what she was talking about.

    uhm. i can't really help you out with prices- not sure about how the money converts, kwim?
  5. Yeah :sweatdrop: When I asked about "scribble" she asked, "Scribble?!" as if she's never heard it before. Then I went on to say, "Yeah, has a white background, with multicolor C's...?" and then she was like, "Scribble...oh...uh, yes, we have some."

    Thanks though! I think the conversion is definitely a lot more...I bought a mini skinny in last year's pastel scribble pattern for my friend for her birthday and I *think* it was $50 CAD. And they were...$38 US?
  6. the scribble bag was described as a bucket bag....interesting. neither are shaped like a buckt in my mind. as for prices, i have NO idea about canadian prices, sorry.
  7. Bucket...hmm, maybe she meant "barrell"? Thinking about it, if you turn the demi 90 degrees, I guess from far away it could pass as a bucket! :p
  8. I have the demi satchel in the patchwork print and I love it. I'm pretty sure its meant to be a shoulder bag since it has the leather shoulder reinforcement thingy on the strap. I wear it on my shoulder and it fits perfectly, especially if you dont fill it completely full, it tends to shape nicely into more of a retangle than a round cylinder.

    The small tote probably would not fit very nicely under your arm. I tried it in the store and it was tight and I felt silly.

    Can't you just buy online at and ship it to canada? Or Ive seen quite a few of both of these on eBay for decent prices.
  9. Thanks for the info!
    I contacted a seller on eBay regarding the tote and she also said that the tote might be a tight fit under the shoulder. I am still very in love with this pattern though, and will visit Holt Renfrew on Thursday to see these bags in person...hopefully the demi will be there.

    I don't think ships to Canada, does it? :nuts: I will probably check the price on Thursday, and maybe end up getting one on eBay...the demi was sold for $225 on eBay though :nuts:
  10. good luck on your quest!
  11. Thanks! :flowers:
  12. Canada, Hawaii and Asian prices are much higher. They go in that order as well from least markup to highest.
  13. Thanks!
    By "much higher" in Canada, should I expect something ridiculous, like a 20-30% markup in addition to the conversion?