Question about the new Patent Shoulder Bag

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  1. So, on Net-A-Porter the black patent shoulder bag is priced ar $1680.00...I just spoke to a sales rep at Fendi NYC and she says that the large patent bag is priced at $ I completely losing it or are these two bags totally different? The sales rep told me online sites usually up the price...but $300 over the retail cost?!?!?! Please help me if you can....what is the actually price? (It's the bag meg posted on the front page)
  2. The Large patent Bagguett is $1300.00 as well as the Large Zucca Bagguett, witch is also a very pertty bag imo.:smile:

    Not $1600.00, so do not buy it at N-A-P its overpriced their, Saks has them for 1300.

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  3. The real price is $1330.00 not $1680.00.
  4. I was just looking at the differences too! But i think what futurerichgirl showed was another bag. let me know if i am wrong! I love the large shoulder bag!
  5. Thanks! I'm going to the Fendi store today to see what they look like in person! I'll keep you posted :smile:
  6. The sizes are different for the bag at NAP (20x11x3) vs. the large baguette at Saks at $1330 (16x8x3). Maybe that explains the difference.
  7. I looooove the shoulder bag
  8. the bag comes in diffrenet sizes

    don't get mixed up
  9. ^^is that for the bag were talking about or all Fendi Baguetts, because the one were talking about only comes in large and maxi.^^
  10. comes in medium too...havent seen a small though - the medium is pretty small