Tech Question about the new macbooks...?

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  1. I'm getting on this week.
    Should I get an Apple or Best Buy warranty for it too?
    Is it needed?
    I've heard that macbooks are made pretty sturdy and I'm planning on keeping my macbook for less than 4 years (since technology will have advanced immensely most likely) so could I get by without a warranty?
    If something messes up, could I get it fixed?

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. The Apple basic warranty is 1 year, the extended warranty adds an additional 2 years on. I have it for the computer I bought about 6 months ago, I haven't had to use it. Hopefully I won't have to, but in case something goes wrong on Day 366, I'm ok.
  3. I didn't get it, yet. They'll still fix anything of course, most of it includes phone support, it's only free for the 1st 90 days.
  4. I didn't get it. My BF, who is a tech wizard (in my eyes) says it's not really worth it and chances are nothing bad will happen. However, if you feel uncomfortable without it, then get it. No use in getting stressed over milk that hasn't been spilled yet, if you know what I mean.;)
  5. I just got a new Macbook, and am thinking of getting apple care... but you can still purchase apple care up to a year after buy your computer...
  6. I've heard these stories that right when that 1 year warranty is over, on the next day there's something wrong with the computer :nuts: but luckily the staff at the mac stores don't send you away when you come with the laptop :tup: they take it and fix it anyway!

    (I've heard also that if you have something wrong on the computer let say after 1,5 years you can still take it to the store to fix for free - but I think it just depends what kind of situation it is)
  7. I'd like to add that I probably would not have bought the warranty if I didn't receive a discount on the computer itself - the warranty was basically the cost of paying full-price for the Mac.
  8. Ordinarily I'd say no, but I'm a HUGE fan of AppleCare protection plans. My old roommate dumped a full beer on my laptop and Apple sent me a box the next day and had my computer back in action within 5. And when I maimed the screen of my old ibook (+5 years old...I tripped over the plug), they would have done it again except I hadn't bothered to renew it.

    So, basically AppleCare is a must if you're like me and can't walk 5 feet without falling down or breaking something.
  9. I purchase AppleCare on EVERYTHING! I have it on my Macbook and have had to use it twice. The bottom of my Macbook keeps cracking due to impact from magnets (there is an entire Flickr group set up with people who have this problem). Anyhow, if I didn't have AppleCare I'd probably be SOL.

    Also, I purchased it just for the battery. It is likely that my battery will due within 3 years...and the AppleCare pays for a new one.

    IDK, the peace of mind on such a big investment is worth it!
  10. I bought a Macbook a few months ago and I got the Apple Care to go with it. With my luck, if I wouldn't have gotten it, something would happen the next day after the 1 year warranty expires, lol. I'm hoping I never have to use it, but at least it's one less thing to worry about if something does happen.
  11. Definitely get the apple care. The problem with macs is that you can't really fix things yourself like you could with PCs, so I think it's almost necessary. I had it on my iPod and they gave me a brand new iPod, no questions asked, when mine stopped working (it was almost 2 years after I had bought it).
  12. Apple Care!!!! Best Buy is on the brink of going under AND their techs don't know what they're doing!
  13. We never get the warranty. Vlad says we don't need it. I have never really needed to use it either, so we have been fine :tup:

    You will love love love it!
  14. My dad purchased the apple care for me to last me through college. I am so glad he did because I have had to chargers melt (which I thought was odd but there are many people on who said it has happened to them) from being too hot and they are 80$ each to replace and with the warranty they replaced them for free. I also had the latch that hooks to close my lap top break, and it would have been a $900 charge to fix because they had to put a whole new casing on and everything. With my warranty I got it fixed for free. I am not at my 3rd year of having my macbook pro and I cannot go anywhere with out taking my charger because I need a new battery so with my warranty they will give me a new battery for free. This all happened after two years so the basic one year warranty would not have helped me. Many people can go with out the warranty but I am glad my dad got it for me because I would have been SOL with out it because I could not have paid for the repairs. Go with what ever makes you feel comfortable and you can always do the one year and then if you want you can up the warranty. I am jealous you are getting a new lap top because I want a new one!!
  15. Honestly, I'm kind of "meh" on extended warranties for computers. If you get one, get the applecare one, the Best Buy ones for computers can be kind of hard to deal with (I know, I worked there for three years). Unless you want to get one that covers drops, spills, screen cracks, etc - then Best Buy's is your best choice.

    I didn't get a BBY or an AppleCare warranty on my MBP, and I've had it for about a year and a half with no problems.