Question about the new 2008 Downtown in Black and White

  1. Hello everyone! I'm curious if the black and white Downtown (2008 Spring collection) is all Leather. The description on the neiman website says it's "black/white leather" but when I zoom into the picture, the white part of it looks more like some sort of cloth or canvas. Can anyone confirm?

  2. Still no info? I would really appreciate the help =) I'm waiting for it to ship to me on the 24th but if it's canvas I'm going to have to exchange it for a different bag. I just wouldn't be able to keep a white canvas bag clean.
  3. I haven't seen one IRL, but it looks like canvas in the pic to me as well.....Maybe you can treat the canvas? It's a great looking bag!
  4. If you zoom in on the picture you see the grain in the fabric. Definitely NOT leather. You can always call a boutique to confirm it.
  5. ok, so I called a boutique and they did confirm that the bag is cotton canvas. ugh! I hate neiman. They totally mislabeled the bag.
  6. I saw this DTown at NYC-Saks this past weekend and it is canvas- inside and out! The trim is leather, but still it is a hard/tough, white painted canvas.

  7. it's a VERY coated canvas - I think it will be durable
    so it just depends it that's the look you're going for
  8. Very coated white canvas makes me very nervous...:blink: the cleaning bill for that bag will probably be as costly as the bag to start with.
  9. OMg..why did I not see these responses before?? Thanks for the input ladies! She is on her way (should be arriving any day now) Hopefully, it does seem durable. I was told that they canvas has been treated to widstand stains..but i dunno how well that would really work....