Question about the Mornig After in WINE

  1. Which picture shows the real color ? I love the one Hayden is wearing but when I browse online stores all I find is this red color.

  2. The one Hayden is carrying almost looks like Eggplant to me... The Wines I have seen are more red than burgandy and are similar to the second picture. I was looking for a bag the color of what she is carrying and I went with an Eggplant MAM. Check out Eggplant- it might be closer to what you're looking for!!
  3. Thanks !
  4. the bottom looks like tomato to me :confused1:

    hmm im very new to rebecca minkoff but from what ive seen theres 3 red colors : wine, tomato, and berry
    eggplant is more purplish

    i cant make up my mind as to what color haydens is.. it looks close to either eggplant or wine
  5. According to the RM website, she's carrying a wine MA when she's wearing that t-shirt. But it does look more like eggplant or berry in that particular picture. Wine is definitely red IRL.
  6. She looks as though she's been photographed in the shade though, so that might explain it.

    I think it's WINE.
  7. I have the Eggplant, and the first pic looks exactly like mine. But the Eggplant and Wine colors are very close. The Wine is deeper and redder though.
  8. I have the Eggplant too and my first thought was that Hayden's bag was Eggplant. But, if it's in the shade that could explain things. I think that the Wine is kind of reddish, while the Eggplant is more like what I would call a deep burgandy, almost purplish brown. The picture below Hayden is what I've seen when I've looked for "Wine".
  9. Hayden is carrying Eggplant! i have the MAM in Wine, and it's redder than that. See the Vanessa Hudgen's Matinee in the celebrity post, that is what Wine looks like.
  10. the second picture
  11. there is some variation in the Wine color. there was a Wine MAM in LB that i saw and it looked JUST like Tomato. i figured it had to have been mislabeled but when i asked Sara about it, she said that there was a lot of variation in the Wine hue - prob. due to different parts of leather with different dye absorption being used on various bags.
  12. Okay all, the RM website says Hayden's is the Wine. But I think it was an earlier version or something because I've seen other pics of her carrying it with her getting into it and it has red and white striped lining. Mine, and those being sold have the black and white floral lining.

    I've also noticed that the mini and the matinee is more of a constant red, where as the MAB has more deep tones to the body.

    Here's pics of mine, the color in the first one (where my son is holding the bag) is more accurate...
    winema1.jpg winema2.jpg
  13. Every time I see this pic^ I just swoon! It is the most gorgeous hue of red ever!
  14. Thanks, I love it. There are some bags I like, use for two weeks and then sell. But this one and my elephant matinee I think will always be keepers.

    So Gung, don't you have the mini in wine? It's different, right?