Question about the Monogram Canvas Koala Agenda

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Hope I'm asking this in the right sub-forum! I was just wondering, for the Monogram Canvas Koala Agenda, is the 'LV' on the front cover usually centred, like in the picture below?


    I've been searching on the forums and it seems that most of the owners of this agenda have posted photos showing two 'LVs' instead of one in the centre, for example:

    (Apologies to the owner for using your photo)

    Are both layouts commonplace, just depending on how the canvas was cut when it was used to construct the agenda? Thanks :flowers:
  2. Bump !
  3. I have this agenda. Mine has two LV's on the front. Hope this helps. I have never seen one with just one in the centered position. I have the one with the pink interior. My daughter recently bought the one with the mandarin interior. It also has two LVs on the front.
  4. I have the pink one too and it also has the two LV's in the front. They probably put a different picture on line to fool fakers? I'm just putting in a wild guess~
  5. Hmm.. sometimes the stock pictures on eLuxury are actually prototypes of the bags, so they aren't exactly up to spec, sort of a "close enough" thing. Maybe that's why there's this discrepancy.
  6. Is this agenda still around for sale??? I'd love one like this!:smile:
  7. Thanks to those that replied. :smile:

    ILuvLouis, unfortunately no it's been discontinued. :sad:
  8. Mine has the 2 LVs too. its such a pretty agenda. I have the pink interior , but the orange is nice too .
  9. mine has 2 lv's too.
  10. Darn!!! I have just decided to buy an agenda and this one is gorgeous!!!
  11. I would also have loved this agenda, it would fit perfect with my koala wallet
  12. aaawwww I love the agenda too, (esp the one with the pink lining).

    Anyone know where I could get my hands on one?
    (Like auth sites that sell LV or anyone's local LV store have any discontinued stock floating around? :drool:
  13. As much as I love this agenda, my SA couldn't source it for me as the entire Asia-Pacific region had sold out of it. She did manage to track down a Trunks and Bags one for me, which is now my new baby :yahoo:
  14. my mono one also have two LV on the cover, Damier is dangerously sexy w/red interior too :graucho: