question about the mono mini hl

  1. i was at the LV boutique at the fashion show mall last saturday and i was looking for a mini hl for my daughter, i asked the sa and she said they didn't have one in the store and the last time she saw one was last year. she said it might be discontinued in the near future. is this true? now, im panicking.... my daughter really wants it. they have it in mc black but my daughter wants it in mono. have you seen one in your boutique lately?
  2. the mini hl sac is a great bag.......IRL, it can fit alot!!
  3. they discontinued the MC but the mono should stil be around.
  4. Yeah, I was just look it up on elux, it's so cute! I didn't see it last time I went to the San Francisco store (I wanted to show him how nice and mini it is), but then again I was getting distracted by the shiny stuff and I wasn't looking too hard.

    Good luck!
  5. Elux shipping is actually pretty fast and imagine the saving you get from the free shipping and free tax :smile:
    You can get another item with that :smile:
  6. I love it! and, would love it in MC; too bad its discontinued, but mono is way cute in the hl too! YAY!
  7. Awww... you're such a nice mom! Good luck with the search! :biggrin: