Question about the MK Selma

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  1. I purchased the large Michael Kors black grommet satchel yesterday. It's my first structured bag and so far I love everything about it... except wearing it. I don't have a ton of stuff in it but it's quite heavy (even heavier than my large D&B Florentine) and I feel like the strap is too thin for how large the bag itself is. Has anyone else had this issue? Did you just deal with it until you got used to it? It just wears so differently than my other bags that I'm a little concerned.

    Thanks for your time :smile:
  2. I find that the large Selmas can be a little too heavy to wear as a crossbody, especially if you pack a lot of things in it. The straps always seem to dig into my shoulders, so I usually just carry it in the crook of my elbow. I think it's because the strap is so thin compared to the bag-- I would've prefered a wider, thicker strap. I prefer the medium Selma messenger or satchel if you want to wear it crossbody style and don't need to put much in it... Sorry if this doesn't help much!
  3. Mine was heavy at first as well, but I got used to it. Now it doesn't seem heavy at all.
  4. My prior structured bag before my MK Selmas was the LV Brea GM in Amarante. Beautiful bag similar to the Selma in style and strap, but very heavy when filled up. And I do fill up my handbags! So the Selma doesn't seem too heavy to me. In fact, it feels a bit lighter than my LV when it's filled up. And I have a lot in there such that I can barely zip it closed! The Selma feels heavier when using the shoulder strap than when carrying it in my hand or on my forearm. I think you'll get used to the weight over time.
  5. I wear mine on my arm vs crossbody. It is pretty heavy when first getting used to it, but it goes away.

    I would probably use a small crossbody bag if I was going to be walking/carrying things a lot, but for every day running errands and going to work it doesn't bother me. And I also fill it up a lot!
  6. Medium selma or Large selma , for me both of them are heavy as it is a fully leather bag, seldom use the long strap cause too thin and not comfortable at all to hang on my shoulder..