Question about the missing BNY trunk show bags.

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  1. So, we all know the bags were sent to the wrong place for the trunk show. Are they being redirected to BNY so that at least the SAs can see them and help give us some guidance regarding color? I'm just dying to know what mastic looks like on a full size bag and as of yet, noone has seen one in real life.
  2. great question - i'm betting ICB has already given them a call:yes:
  3. Haha! :roflmfao: I'm trying to avoid any phone calls right now (even emails) it's hard because I want MORE INFO about the FW bags too! But I know that they are busy w/ other calls and I'm sure Daphne is getting sick of me with all my questions :wtf:
  4. I was at Bal on Tuesday and the sa that I spoke with said no, they are not expecting them in. I asked her if after the trunkshow, will those bags that were supposed to turn up be coming any day now or something.

    Soooo, they just didn't bother continuing with letting them arrive in NY I guess.