question about the mirror

  1. how is the mirror tied to the handle's ring, and at which four rings is it tied to?

  2. The mirror is looped around the rings. I bought 4 BBags new recently and each one was looped around a different ring. Does it matter? I take all my mirrors off anyway. Are you worried your bag might be fake?
  3. no, but i guess it depends where you bought it from. i didn't know that each store will place the mirror in different places.
  4. I have a question, and I didnt feel like making another post.

    Is there like a D-ring that the mirror can attach to inside the bag?

    sort of like the LV ones.
  5. I take mine off too, I like being able to close the zipper all the way. Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything to tie the mirror too on the inside.