Question About The Mini Satin Spy

  1. I saw a black mini satin Spy on Eluxury a few weeks ago and was wondering if anyone know if it comes in the Zucca print?
  2. yes it does come in the zucca print with leather trimming =)
  3. the photo is taken from an ebay auction
  4. :nuts: OMG! OMG! OMG!

    Thanks!! How much does it costs and wear can I buy it?
  5. Can someone tell me how much the mini Spys go for, please? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  6. The satin one is $1159 on Styledrops, but I think It may have been cheaper when on Eluxury when they had it.
  7. Oh okay! I have been calling numerous stores in the DC area and they don't even have the mini Spy. :sad:
  8. I called Elux today because I wanted to order the Satin one and they told me they won't be getting any more of them in. I'm not sure about the zucca though. I think I'm just going to order from styledrops.
  9. So the bags on Styledrop are authentic?

    I just made a post in the pinned topic about Styledrop because I am not familiar with them. It's not the satin one but it has caught my eye! :heart:

    BTW, thanks for all your help!! :flowers:
  10. There was a thread on here somewhere about them , although I can't remember where. I'm ordering mine now.;)
  11. Thanks! I will do a search on Styledrop.
    I'm so excited. I will place my order before the day is out!! :wlae:
  12. oh that mini spy is soo cute!
  13. I believe its been discussed before. Styledrops does sell authentic stuff, but the price on the website is not the price you actually will pay. Several tPFers found that a higher figure was eventually charged to their credit cards.
  14. I ordered that little bad boy before I left work yesterday. :yahoo:

    When I got home last night, I was skimming my caller ID and saw an unusal 1-800 number. I called it and it was my bank inquiring about the charge to my debit card - making sure that I made the purchase. The quy said the price was $1200.00+ but I could have sworn that with shipping the amount was $1184.00.

    I knew I wasn't going crazy and that the amount charged wasn't what was quoted on their site. :shrugs:
  15. that mini spy is so cute! does is come in leather?? does anyone have pics of a mini spy? im new to fendi and the spy bags :smile: