Question about the mini sac hl........

  1. Does this bag come with a lock like the speedy? I want to get this for our 8yr old dd, not sure if I want to get it new or used? I found a couple on eBay, just wasn't sure if they came with a lock or not....if not, how much are the locks at LV? I think she would think the lock was neat! :yes:
  2. I thought lv discontinued them and they're hard to find at stores?
  3. Not sure if they're discontinued, but they're on Elux right now!
  4. I don't think they come with locks...but I can't be sure. I don't think they are discontinued, because I see them often at stores...sorry I'm no help:crybaby:
  5. Oh maybe its just the MC hl that was discontinued..
  6. Everything is al la carte on the mini Sac HL.
  7. My mc mini came with a lock and key.
  8. I think I bought one with and one without...but that was a few years ago. It was hit or miss back then, now it's an addition.
  9. I had the Monogram and it didn't come with a lock. Of course that was the first thing I asked when getting this item from my Wish List at LV. Multicolore probably comes with the lock and key since it is a more expensive Mini Sac HL.
  10. waay more expensive than mono..
  11. ^ you know how much the lock & key would be from LV? I think that's the part that makes the bag! ;)
  12. I think that only MC is discontinued!
    Also, I think they come with locks or at least I saw one with it - no idea if the owner added the lock eventually from a speedy! ;)
  13. Mine came with the lock and key. It's a mono I bought from elux many years ago.
  14. I haven't purchased any Speedy or Mini Sac in awhile. In the past it was like a vic item and very discretionary by management. Last time I purchase a lock in the 90's it was around $25, don't know what they go for today.
  15. I have one and it did come with a lock.....