Question about the Mini Lin material?

  1. I have read many times that the Mini Lin material does not hold up very well over time. :confused1: But, I have never read that anyone has actually ever had a problem with it. I have 2 Mini Lin Speedy's and they still look perfect. Well, I have to admit I have only had the Dune one a week so that one really does not count. Why do people think it will not hold up well?

  2. I think it will hold up well, if you are very careful with it. But I mean, the material isn't to compare with the Canvas! Mini Lin is a textil product and it's not durable like Canvas or leather. If someone like to have a bag for a long time, I mean it's better to buy a Canvas or an Epi bag. All the same the Mini Lin is very nice and if your are careful you will have a good bag too.
  3. I think it's a fantastic bag. You take such great care of your bags from what I have read don't stress just enjoy your lovely bags. The Sa at Lv told me they are treated to resist stains. Hope this helps.Is your dog a papillon ? He is so cute.
  4. You say exactly what I mean, dcooney. For me it's really hard to express exactly what I will say. The Mini Lin isn't that sensible like many people means, but ofcourse more sensible then Canvas.
  5. Hi, I hope you are not insecure about your Mini Lin Speedies because I said, that the material isn't durable like Canvas or Epi! I don't speak very good English, and for me it's difficult, to explain exactly, what I mean.
    Enjoy your Mini Lin Speedies, they are great bags!! I love Mini Lin very much and I hope you're not offended, are you?
    Greetings from Switzerland to you and to your lovely dog! :heart: (I have 2 dogs too!)
  6. No, I am not offended at all. I LOVE my mini lin speedy's and I am just wounding why now in a couple of threads people have posted that the Mini Lin material is not going to hold up well over time. In the thread 'Is denim worth the price" there were a few people that said oh the denim is worth it and will hold up NOT like the mini lin. I just have read it about 4 times now but have never read of anyone having any problems with it.

    I am just wondering why these people keep thinking that it will not hold up. Do they know something that I don't?
  7. I think people just *assume* that since it's fabric it won't hold up very well. Linen is quite durable for a textile, though, so I think as long as you don't throw it around too much it should be fine.
    I've only had my Speedy for three months or so, and I've been using it heavily the past couple of weeks and nothing has happened to it and I'm not super careful with it.
  8. No, they doesn't know something that you don't - I'm sure. I think it's only the fact, that Mini Lin is a textil product - that's a prejudice I think. I personally think, that the Mini Lin is a very good product of LV!
    Enjoy your Mini Lin Speedies!:yes:
  9. I think the mini lin is fine, I mean you cant abuse it and it not show wear, It is a natural fabric so that means it eventually will show signs of wear, as far as not holding up to canvas I am not sure. I think most people that say that maybe dont have the bag and are assuming since they think it is just fabric , like a clothing item.
  10. i agree with most ppl in this maintain the mini lin fabric u shouldn't abuse the bag...but u know since im here in this thread i might as well take out my ignored-for-a-month mini lin speedy out and use it..
  11. I am sure that the Mini Lin fabric is very durable. In some ways, I prefer it over the canvas because it is more flexible and not prone to cracking or warping from extreme heat or just over time. I don't baby my bag and my only complaint is about bunny hair sticking to it.I find that I baby my Azur Speedy more.
  12. I think its such a great bag. I love it i used it like for 4 months none stop and its super strong. I think it will hold up well.
  13. Most ppl assume the Mini Lin is not durable because they don't have one. Most don't out of fear. I have the predecessor Mono Mini. Fact even this ancient bag holds up to bag abuse quite well. It's dirt proof to a certain point. It's not so great now because I forgot to spray it after washing it down. :shame:
  14. I think if you scrape it across a wall, or a course surface it may snag. You just have to be careful, that's all!
  15. I don't take super good care of my mini lin bag, and it still looks as perfect as new. I do throw it around also. I agree that a lot of people are assuming it doesn't hold up simply because it's fabric. On the contrary, it's a very strong and tightly woven fabric that doesn't pull easily either.